Flogging goats



So Why Flogging Goats

Cut from two cars, been in two wars, have two kids, a little run in with brain cancer and apparently have kept my sense of humor. In short I have been flogged.

Simply put there was once a fool who was flogged by a goat thus flogging goats was born. New to the world of web design I will undoubtedly feel like the fool who received the flog.

I have the capabilities to register domain names, build, publish or host your website and create logos/edit photos depending on what you need. I specialize in small business websites, and have been known to put together professional presentations such as writing grant proposals.

Along with photo editing I can also convert old family slides to a digital format.

This site is the "other half" of EDK works, used to demonstrate portfolio type projects and to test sites that are in development.

Warning sign


Also start looking out for flogged shirts and key flogs!!