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Veteran owned

I was a loadmaster in the Air Force from 2000-2004. After seeing the world and too much of the sandy places I returned to Illinois, found a woman that would marry me and when she was five months pregnant with our second child I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. It was removed in 2009 and depending on who you ask I am doing well (just don't ask the wifes opinion on the matter). Besides literally having a screw loose the operation left me with epilepsy.

Primarily I was a carpenter (with skills in some other trades), the epilepsy severely limited what I could do on the job-site. So instead I have moved on to a stay at home dad and web design. Being the sole tech support for a family of technical difficulties, this comes somewhat naturally.

My family runs a small business, I worked for a small business, now I am a small business, and will work hard to provide website and marketing solutions for your small business. Have I said small business enough?